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Address: 1425 Euclid St
Neightborhood: Columbia Heights DC
Price: There was a recent sale of a 2 bedroom unit for $625,000 on August 19, 2004.
Delivery Date: Summer 2004
Site: Official Property Site for the Villaggio
From their website "The building consists of one studio unit and 2 one-bedroom units ranging from 898 to 970 square feet 7 two-bedroom deluxe units and 4 duplex
penthouse suites. Square footage ranging from 1,038 to 1,484 square feet. Most units have outdoor living space."
DC Gentrification Pictures- The Villaggio

villaggio1 villaggio_courtyard062204 villlaggioNeighborAccrossSt villlaggioSign villlaggioSmall
villaggio1.jpg villaggio_courtyard062204.jpg villlaggioNeighborAccrossSt.jpg villlaggioSign.jpg villlaggioSmall.jpg