Bringing communities together to preserve D.C.’s common history

Living in D.C. offers many advantages to residents who enjoy active communities that are dedicated to preserving the American lifestyle. Throughout D.C., there are many special events that are held to encourage residents to preserve D.C.’s common history. Among these events, you can enjoy getting to know your neighbors, elected officials and find out ways that you can become involved in your D.C. neighborhood. Here, are several of the most Read the rest of this entry »

Cultural highlights in the D.C. area

The nation’s capital is a place with a number of interesting attractions. In addition to the many historical sites, Washington D.C. has some of the best cultural attractions in the country. Among these cultural attractions, Washington D.C.’s art galleries stand out.

The National Gallery of Art opened in 1941. It holds a collection of fine art work from the greatest painters and sculptors in history. Some of the highlights of the National Gallery’s collection include the work of Claude Read the rest of this entry »

Parks in D.C.

Our nation’s capital houses nearly 30 neighborhood parks scattered around its city limits. The following list includes the most notable and must-see attractions for visitors or residents.

Rock Creek Park – Nearly 12 miles long, this park spans from the Potomac River to the Maryland state line. There are plenty of activities here for the whole family. Picnicking, biking, hiking, tennis courts, fishing, concerts and rollerblading. This park is also home to our National Zoo.

National Mall – The Washington Monument and The Capitol building Read the rest of this entry »

Staying connected to the future in Washington, D.C.

Sometimes it seems hard to follow what is going in the White House. The president will be tied up in so many things. It can be difficult to track progress. Bills are being passed while others are being vetoed. The world of politics in Washington, D.C. can be a crazy thing to watch. It can be hard to keep up with the future of the political world from a Washington, D.C. standpoint. Fortunately, there is a world of information thanks to apps and Read the rest of this entry »

Architecture styles in the District

Washington D.C. was founded by the Residence Act on July 16, 1740. Being a city with such a history has given it a scope of architecture that few other American cities can claim.

One of the earliest and more famous styles of architecture in D.C. is neoclassical/Greek revival. These buildings were characterized by their large columns. Possibly the most famous building in America, the White House, is a neoclassical building. An example of a Greek revival building is the Hotel Monaco in D.C.

Neoclassical was then spun into another Read the rest of this entry »

The best D.C. travel guides

The nation’s capital is a dynamic destination for tourists and an enriching place to live. To make sense of it all, a travel guide can offer insight into off-beat local favorites as well as major attractions.

The Lonely Planet guides are casual and humorous; appealing to readers who want a fresh slant on the city’s most popular destinations. The guides poke fun at the politics that shape the community while showcasing the city with attractive pictures. Lonely Read the rest of this entry »

Working to renovate historic D.C.

Washington D.C. is in the process of several restorations and these include the beautiful historic Constitution Hall that is owned by Daughters of the American Revolution. Other projects under restoration are the Mt. Vernon Place Methodist United Church. Several of the marble steps and the portico are in need of renovation. The D.C. Superior Courts are also in process of stone cleaning on the exterior of the building. <br />The Washington D.C. area is filled with homes that offer residents a piece of history to call their own. These neighborhoods are classic and those who choose to purchase one will have a quality home that has withstood the test of time. <br />When our family was looking to live in a Washington D.C. neighborhood, we definitely wanted to have a one of these homes. Unfortunately, we were unable to find one in our price range and ended up with a home that was only a few years old. We are in a great neighborhood and someday our home may be historic too. <br />We have visited several of these restorations and I’m glad that these historic buildings are being preserved. Before our family leaves our home we set our <a href=’’ >adt security systems</a> to ensure the safety of our home.

Restoring Historic Barracks Row

Since 1801, this small but momentous area of Washington DC has been home to Marine Corps barracks, which were first built by Thomas Jefferson. The long-time business district flourished during the first half of the 20th century, particularly during war time, but then began its decent in the latter half of the 1900s. Finally, in the 1990s there began a shifting of focus back towards restoring this historic area.Most of the restoration in this area has been geared towards creating a commercial, business district. The Barracks Row Business Alliance is aimed toward attracting business owners and improving the local business climate through projects ranging from enhancing window signs to attracting national business resources. Throughout the restoring of this area, the focus has been to create sustainable and low-impact development and growth. Read the rest of this entry »

Luxury Living on Capitol Hill

Living in Washington, D.C., means rubbing elbows with a diverse group of people from congressmen to young professionals to social activists. Life in this city also means the choice of many impressive living complexes. If you don’t plan on buying a house, there are an abundance of apartment and condo communities. Living in one of these new complexes guarantees amenities, services, and the opportunity to get to know other D.C. inhabitants your age.Located in the Southeastern part of the city, 909 at Capitol Yards is a 13-story boutique apartment building. A diverse selection of floor plans to choose from meets needs of people looking for anything from a studio to a 3-bedroom apartment. Extensive amenities including a pool, gym, billiards lounge, and even conference rooms provide everything you need right on site. This ideal location places you within walking distance of the Nationals Park, the Capitol, and the Metro. Read the rest of this entry »

Long History and Lush Gardens

Tucked away in the Northwest corner of the city, McLean Gardens covers 23-acres and is home to 31 apartment buildings, all nestled amongst the beautiful gardens of the property. Complete with a highly sought after ballroom, dining services, and community pool, this complex is not only a beautiful and luxurious living location in DC, but also ripe with history.In the early 20th century, John McLean had an elegant and lavish vacation home built on this property. Exquisite gardens, a golf course, and tennis courts were added to the property and it eventually became so prestigious and well known that President Harding and President Coolidge were among its notable visitors. However, poor financial decisions and overzealous lifestyles by McLean’s descendents resulted in the estate ending up in the hands of the federal government by 1942. During WWII the government built housing on the property for defense workers. Read the rest of this entry »